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LFE represents all major wine countries in the Netherlands. Thanks to our knowledge and experience built up over the years we have put together an exciting portfolio of wine producers which we are proud of! Offering wines in almost any price range. Bottled in the country of origin or selected by us in bulk. We know both the old and new world of wines like the back of our hand; we know their fixed values as well as where exciting new developments are taking place.


Being a 100% subsidiary of Castel, the largest wine producer in Europe, makes us not only importer but also producer. A unique position that offers our customers direct access to economies of scale and the expertise that Castel can offer. This enables us to deliver the best solution, always.



We fully aim at the Dutch market and it is exactly this focus that has won the confidence of leading wine producers from all over the world. We possess a strong logistic and commercial network in the Netherlands, along with an excellent relationship with the wine press and other media. That is how LFE makes its way to the core of the Dutch wine market.

We present the global wine world to the Dutch market and present the Dutch market to the global wine world.

Quality management

Throughout the entire chain we strive for the highest quality. It starts with our selection of wine producers. We have been working with almost all of them for years and years, and sometimes even for decades. These relationships are not only based on mutual trust, but on shared quality guarantees as well. Practically all our wine suppliers are IFS and/or BRC certified.


Due to this close cooperation with our wine producers, we keep a tight grip on the wines we sell in the Netherlands. A number of wine producers even involve our buyers in defining the final blends, for example with a change in vintage.


Most of our wines have extensive specifications agreed upon. We regularly have samples tested on these specs by an independent institute. It keeps everybody sharp and in doing so we can keep our quality promises! LFE adds local added value to the global chain.

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