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LFE supplies wines that exactly meet your customers’ wishes. We help you to develop and execute your wine strategy at all levels – from logistics and product range choices to product and concept development. In doing so, we combine almost 50 years of expertise in the global world of wine with current insights into the Dutch market to enable you to increase your turnover and return.


The best wine strategy is partly based on gut feeling but mainly on hard numbers and facts. We continuously invest in market data – and also do market research ourselves. By focusing only on the Dutch market, we know the trends, opportunities and developments within the wine category in retail and out-of-home better than anybody else.

The total experience: that is what wine is all about, LFE is your strategic partner in wine.

Category management & retail strategy

As your wine partner we want to share and apply our knowledge. That is why we have developed NIPPA for our retail customers, a category management tool to analyse the product range, the presentation and promotional strategy of your wine category.


After this analysis we would like to help you to improve your turnover and return and create a better wine experience on the shop floor. How can we meet the wishes of your customers even better? That is key! From shelf display to tastings, from exclusive wine concepts to eye catching promotions; together we will make sure that there will be new wine experiences all the time.


Out-of-home? Out of the box!

In the on-trade industry we add value by giving specific support to build brands and to grow the wine category as a whole. Ranging from competitively priced entry-level wines with an unbeatable price/ quality ratio to advice on how to create a better wine list. From training your staff, so they can give better wine advice, to creating more wine experience in your outlets. All of this to surprise your guests with your wine offer and to entice them to have another (even better) glass of wine.


Especially in out-of-home we are looking for innovative forms of collaboration in which we can grow wine turnover, together with our partners. We go much further than a traditional supplier-customer relationship; we are looking for real partnerships.

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