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LFE has been working with wine and nothing else but wine for more than 50 years. We simply cannot imagine a more beautiful product. The making of wine entails so many factors, that each and every wine is the unique result of human skills and natural circumstances. And the best part is: that is just the beginning for us. The wines in our portfolio travel the world to find the right target groups; in Holland we know exactly who they are. This is where our true passion lies.


We do not focus exclusively on the most beautiful wines in the world; our goal is to bring the most successful wines to the Dutch market, both for and with our customers. Every single wine is a pearl due to its premium quality or excellent price/quality ratio, brand perception and positioning.

Turning beautiful wine into successful wine,
that is our passion.

Each individual wine has the potential to win the heart of a specific target group and bringing all those characteristic wines together into a well-balanced selection is an exciting challenge.


Every day we take up this challenge with great pleasure. Together with about 60 co-workers, who all want to be the best in their field of expertise and who share the love of wine. That passion ensures that we always go for the best solution. When you work with LFE, you will experience how contagious our enthusiasm is. Feel the positive energy and vibe.

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