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At LFE we love to shake up the market by introducing new ideas and initiatives. Only by innovating again and again you will stay ahead of the competition and we would love to work with you to develop new tastes, brands and concepts.


If you broaden your perspective, you will see so many opportunities with wine! We keep up to date on global trends and look for inspiration in other industries. That allows us to think out of the box, to attract and surprise your customers, consumers, shoppers or guests.


Product development

Within 12 weeks from brainstorm to bottle? At LFE we can. Close collaboration with various production facilities allows us to respond quickly to any new trend. Our own creative team can develop a completely new brand in no time. We have in-house DTP, design and photography expertise as well as an international network of designers.

We see no limits to innovation and find inspiration beyond the world of wine.

Concept development

Storytelling is important for wine: what is the winery’s background and what is the story behind a specific wine? We develop tools that bring the overall wine concept to life, from sales support to social media content, from a trendy new bottle to instore displays.


Marketing innovation

Obviously, participating in an exhibition or setting up a wine tasting can be an excellent way to promote wine. But sometimes it is more effective to use a food truck, have a pub quiz or even organize an international sommelier competition. We will rise to the occasion! Our outstanding connections with the Dutch wine media are a real asset in this.



A strong wine brand can only be built through a sophisticated brand strategy. Within that strategy we will make sure that everything contributes to a consistent brand experience. Through activation and promotions we bring a brand to life in the Dutch market and strengthen preferences amongst a growing group of loyal devotees.


Multichannel innovatie

A multichannel approach for wine in both on and off trade has been a taboo for a long time. We are aware of the sensitivities but do not exclude any option in advance. Exciting concepts that make use of both channels? We are actually looking into them while you are reading this.


Technical innovation

Even the wine bottle itself is not sacred to us. We are the driving force behind the development of mobile wine dispenser systems and Twistop Wine System® for tapping wine in the on-trade industry and at events.


At LFE we test boundaries to see how far we can push them.

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